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The finest products sourced from across the globe, exclusively forthe elite of the Arab World & the Middle East.

December’2013, The Jumeirah Emirates Tower will glitter with the finest and exciting new products as the ultimate luxury showcase in Dubai commences.

Luxury Brands from India & abroad will reveal exquisite items ranging from incredibly finished jewellery to luxury time pieces, to precious stones of different sizes, shapes & cut, complimented well with the most glamourous fashion, jewellery, homme & accessory designers,& much much more.

The Impression;
The first luxury & lifestyle spectacular for the Arabs where all the finest essentials of a luxury event would be accessible to the forthcoming riches.

As the finest luxury event, Royal Fantasies would present apure &an immaculate arena to get familiar & communicate with all the principal brands from the arena of gems & jewellery, fashion & accessories, homme &lifestyle.

The Experience;
A stage where all the principal players from the field of gems & jewellery, fashion& accessories, homme& lifestyle would be staged together & give an absolute imperial & extravagant experience to the cream of the crop.

In addition to the various fundamentals, the guide to the future would be showcased as Royal Fantasies is no ordinary event, the best of luxury, lifestyle, gems & jewellery, fashion & accessories would all get together at one stadia.

Our dear guests & participants, be prepared, the invited troupe will takeover the attention for half an hour with a scintillating & entertaining performance. This feature would be also well glamoured by the Bollywood divas.

The guests will be served with the best of chocolates, wines & liqueur to make it an unforgettable experience.

The Minutiae;
Royal Fantasies will set an entirely fresh experience in opulence & indulgence.

The principals of luxury will be provided a luxurious & comfortable atmosphere to enable smooth indulgence with the invites& the walk in visitors.

With dedicated indulgence planned for every brand, Royal Fantasies will demonstrate that you not only display, rather give them a treat of luxury.

The Invites;
Specially selected by us & our principal brands, the invites at the show will be a wonderful match for the unique, distinctive, exceptional & matchless luxury & lifestyle products.

Royal Fantasies is also an open invitation event.

The Special Moments;
New trends & creations by the brands will be presented to the audience at our specially created luxury arena.

The Discussion Board;
Each guest will get a chance to recognize the uniqueness of the brands & get familiar with them in elements.

Our specially created luxury arena would add up as a Board Room & provide the brands an opportunity to create the awareness & spread the message.

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